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Internet Association Ramps Up State Activities

Robert Callahan, California executive director for the Internet Association, is taking over as the lead state government affairs exec for the association, which represents major edge providers--Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, reddit and many others.

Callahan will be VP, state and government affairs, reporting to Melika Carroll, SVP of global government affair.

Among the state issues of importance to edge providers are the efforts by some state governments, including California, to fight the FCC's reg rollback or come up with their own network neutrality regulations now that the FCC has eliminated its own regulations against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

Municipal broadband is another issue that involves efforts by some states to limit those buildouts.

Also as part of a general expansion of state government roles, New York Executive Director John Olsen will oversee state government affairs in the Northeast, while state and local government affairs senior manager Lauren Kimzey will now head up "political engagement" in California.