INSP Scores Multiple NCTC Rollouts

INSP has registered a number of launches with members of the National Cable Television Cooperative, adding some 100,000 subscribers to its base.

The network said it has added the following coop members to its distribution roster: Blue Ridge Cable Technologies; Harron Communications; Chester Telephone Co.; TS Communications; K2 Communications; New Wave Communications; Zito Media; South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co.; Midcontinent Media; Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co.; Colo Telephone Co.; Marne & Elk Horn Telephone; Midlandsnet; Belhaven Cable TV; Golden Valley Cable & Communications; Otter Com Inc.; Oneida Cablevision; Cascade Communications; and Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association.

Deal terms were not disclosed. INSP, which presents inspirational and family-value fare, is available to some 75 million subscribers via cable, satellite and telco video providers across the nation.

“It’s always exciting to introduce the INSP brand of family entertainment to a new audience,” said Mark Kang, senior vice president of distribution, in a statement. “People really love what they see and we’ve found that viewers are overwhelmingly positive about our wholesome and critically-acclaimed content.  In turn, it helps our affiliates to keep and grow their subscriber base.”