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Insight TV Signs NCTC Agreement

Insight TV, which produces 4K UHD HDR content, said it signed an agreement with the National Cable Television Cooperative to offer its 4K/UHD network to NCTC member providers. MTC, which serves the Central Catskill region of New York, is the first to launch Insight TV under the pact, according to Mark Romano, VP, Americas, Insight TV.

Insight TV program image (Insight TV)

Insight TV program image (Insight TV)

NCTC represents more than 750 small and mid-sized independent cable and broadband operators. MTC added Insight TV to its 4K tier of channels.

“Working with NCTC, we are offering member companies some compelling incentives to launch Insight TV and are delighted that to have MTC on board as the first NCTC member to add our channel,” Romano said in a release. “It’s a great opportunity for systems to get on board with a network that is defining a new standard in quality linear and digital video experiences for consumers. In today’s crowded market, Insight TV provides a competitive advantage for operators looking to differentiate themselves by providing their customers with content and a viewing experience they can’t get elsewhere."

“At MTC, we are always looking to offer our subscribers the highest quality content and that includes programming in 4K,” MTC general manager Glen Faulkner said in the release. “Insight TV’s original, native 4K UHD content is as beautiful as it is fascinating entertainment. We’re delighted to be able to offer this new service to our viewers.”

Sample programming via Insight TV includes Travel With a Goat, Road to Gymkhana GRiD, King of the Hammers, THRU and Breaking Limits. Insight TV is based in the Netherlands.