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Indie Creative Group Seeks Primetime Carve-Out for Comcast-NBCU

The Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors has asked the FCC to make a carve-out of 25% of cable and broadcast primetime for independent producers a condition of approving the Comcast-NBC Universal joint venture.

That came in a filing as the June 21 deadline for initial comments on the deal draws near.

The Caucus has long pushed for such carve-outs, including when petitioning for changes in media ownership rules. The Caucus calls the deal "another giant step towards the complete domination of network programming at the expense of independent producers and content. As such," it adds, "we propose the following carve out of the primetime schedules of the network entity."

It is also hoping that the condition does not stop with Comcast/NBCU. "Starting with Comcast/NBC Universal can be the beginning of a trend toward extending the terms of this proposal to other studio/network conglomerates."