'Ice Block Marathon' Returns to World Fishing Network

World Fishing Network's four-hour ice fishing marathon will air Nov. 21 at 8 p.m., the network announced today. 

Professionals will start off the event to educate the audience about the sport with back-to-back episodes of Ice Team.

Bernie Keefe and Nate Zelinsky pair as the Ice Team in Colorado's mountain lakes, and Keith Kavajecz, Pete Maina, Jeff Andersen and Jason Mitchell join in the action later on.

The marathon schedule is as follows:

8 p.m.           Ice Team, Episode 1 
8:30 p.m.      Ice Team, Episode 2
9 p.m.           South Bend's Lunkerville
9:30 p.m.      Outdoor Passion
10 p.m.         Lindner's Angling Edge
10:30 p.m.    The Next Bite
11 p.m.         South Bend's Lunkerville
11:30 p.m.    Canadian Sportfishing