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Human Events: Conservatives Closely TrackingFCC-Blocking Amendments

At press time, the House had yet to vote for the
continuing resolution (CR) stopgap appropriations bill that would keep
government funding flowing after the Mar. 4 expiration of the current CR.

The bill would block implementation of the FCC's
network neutrality rules, defund the position of chief diversity officer (one
of the Obama "czars" say Republicans), and cut funding for public

Conservative Web publication Human Events put
the net neutrality and "czars" amendments on a watch list of the top
10 amendments conservatives should be paying attention to in the bill. Close to
600 amendments have been proposed in the marathon debate on
the legislation.

"Conservatives should monitor the debate
all week in the House this week to track which of these key amendments are
included in the final bill for final passage, which is expected on Thursday
afternoon," wrote Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller Feb. 16 (the
vote is now looking like Friday night at the earliest).

She said the top 10 list
was assembled "having poured through the 583 amendments and gotten input
from key conservatives."

The President has threatened a veto.