Hulu Tacks on Features

Hulu is adding some new features just weeks after the OTT specialist launched a new experience alongside the beta debut of a live TV service that includes a cloud DVR component.

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Hulu said it will trot out new features and improvements on a semi-regular basis, but here’s part of the latest round of updates available now or coming soon, per this blog post from Hulu VP of product Richard Irving:

-Viewing Progress: Via the My Stuff section, the app now tells subscribers if they are “All Caught Up” or have a new episode to view from a particular show. That’s available now on all of Hulu’s platforms.

-New Episode Badging:  Following the live TV beta launch, a badging element will tell customers if there’s something new to watch, including a green “New Episode” marker in the customer’s Lineup, Home or Browse Collections or in My Stuff views. The new badging will be rolled out next week to all platforms that support the new Hulu experience, Irving said.

-Disable Autoplay:  Though Autoplay is a tool for binge-watchers that spools up the next episode without manual intervention, Hulu subs using iOS, Apple TV and Xbox One can now toggle off that feature, with Android on deck.

Hulu has also moved the “Cast” button, for use with Google’s Chromecast technology, higher in the navigation to make it easier to find.

Tian Lim, Hulu’s CTO, recently discussed some of the challenged faced as Hulu prepared the beta launch of its new live TV service and offered some hints about what’s on Hulu’s roadmap, including  improvements and enhancements for the service’s personalization algorithm.

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