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House to Take Up FCC Report Consolidation Bill

The House of Representatives Tuesday (Feb. 24) is scheduled to debate and vote on the Federal Communications Commission Consolidated Reporting Act of 2015.

The FCC Consolidated Reporting Act of 2015 is essentially identical to one that passed twice out of the subcommittee and full committee last Congress and passed the house 415 to 0, but failed to pass in the Senate.

The bill would consolidate eight separate FCC reports to Congress, including the FCC's Sec. 706 report, into a single report on the state of the communications marketplace.

Passing the bill out of the House Energy & Commerce Committee was the first order of business in the first E&C markup of the new Congress earlier this month.

The bill was approved by voice vote and without amendment or opposition after having passed with equal dispatch out of the Communications Subcommittee.