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Home Depot Still on Hill Hot Seat for Broadband Breach

Several members of the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus have added their names to the list of legislators looking for answers from Home Depot about their broadband data breach potentially affecting 60 million customers.  

In a letter to Home Depot CEO Frank Blake, they praised the company for offering free identity protection to customers concerned about the breach. But, they said they had concerns about Home Depot's data security.  

Reps. Joe Barton (R-Tex.), Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill), all members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee and co-sponsors of the H.R. 4400 – the Data Accountability and Trust Act, have given the company until Oct. 13 to respond to some questions, including how many breaches it has had, when it first learned of the breach, how it protects consumers, or in this case, didn't, from identity theft, how the hackers got into its servers, and how it plans to prevent a recurrence. 

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