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Headline News To Salute Troops On Memorial Day

In preparation for Memorial Day weekend coverage, Headline News has been soliciting iReports–videos, photos and audio content submitted by the public–to honor military personnel that it will air on Morning Express with Robin Meade on Memorial Day from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., officials said Friday.

Morning Express viewers and users are asked to send their thoughts and wishes for U.S. military personnel to, CNN Worldwide’s first uncensored, unfiltered, unedited, user-generated community Web site.

Current “Salute to Troops” iReports include submissions from mothers wishing safety for their sons and daughters in active duty; tributes to those who lost their lives during service and even one from a South African couple thanking the U.S. troops and wishing all Americans a happy Memorial Day.

Additionally, Headline News set up an iReport submission station on Armed Forces Day on May 17, at the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in Washington, so visitors could record and submit their wishes and sentiments for all those serving or who have served in the U.S. military. All “Salute to Troops” iReports can be viewed at

Morning Express with Robin Meade features a daily “Salute to Troops” segment designed to pay homage to military personnel and their families. These segments also can be viewed on the “Salute to Troops” blog.

Select Memorial Day iReport tributes will appear across CNN’s networks and services over the weekend.