Hallmark Channel Plays Cupid with Valentine's Day Stunt

If Hallmark Channel viewers were merry during the recently completed holiday season, Crown Media Holdings executives are hopeful watchers will show lots of love toward their latest programming stunt.

Hot on the heart of its most Nielsen successful "Countdown to Christmas" campaign ever, Hallmark Channel will shoot its arrows at "Countdown to Valentine’s Day," a two-week celebration, featuring nearly 300 hours of romance-themed movies, highlighted by a quintet of new originals.

Countdown to Valentine’s Day begins Saturday, Jan. 31, with original telefilm A Wish Come True at 8 p.m. (ET)/7 p.m. (CT). Other original movies making their world premiere as part of the Valentine's Day play are as follows I Do, I Do, I Do (Feb. 6); So You Said Yes (Feb. 7); Cloudy with a Chance of Love (Feb. 8); and All of My Heart  on Cupid's day itself.

Starring Megan Park, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Dean Cain, Anthony Lemke and Aidan Shipley, A Wish Come True (formerly 30th Birthday) centers on Lindsay Corwin (Park), a long-time believer in birthday wishes, even if they remain unfulfilled. As she approaches her milestone birthday, she laments to her best friend Dave (Hollingsworth) that not one of them has ever come true and her life is nothing like she envisioned. But when Dave throws her a surprise 30th birthday party, Lindsay resolves to blow out her candles and make one final wish: for all of her wishes to come true.