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H Block Update: FCC Back in Business

The FCC H block auction resumed Friday after a snow day.

With 75 rounds under its belt, and another round about to start, the auction is nearing $1.4 billion ($1,391,889,000), with 30 bids in the most recent round, upping the total by about $7 million. At that rate, it would only take until about round 100, or midweek next week, for the auction to reach its minimum aggregate floor price of $1.564 billion. At that point, the auction would not be over, but it would be successful, at least in terms of meeting the FCC's minimum expectations.

Dish has guaranteed it will at least meet that mark, but it is not clear to what degree its bids are driving the total.

The auction—10 MHZ nationwide is up for bid—is one of three the FCC is required to conduct to raise money for FirstNet, the interoperable public safety network.