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H Block Auction Slows

As the FCC approaches its $1.564 billion aggregate floor price for the 10 MHz of H block spectrum it is currently auctioning for wireless broadband, the bidding has fallen off.

With round 126 complete, the total is at $1,536,755,000, but only two new bids were entered that round for a total of an additional $218,000. All 176 licenses have at least one bid.

If it keeps going at that rate, it will be many more days until the auction is complete. Dish has guaranteed the auction will at least meet that minimum.

The auction will be over when there are no new bids, no withdrawn bids, and no bidder has used one of its waivers that allows the auction to continue even without a new bid.

The auction is one of three spectrum auctions mandated by Congress, culminating in the broadcast spectrum incentive auction, now scheduled for mid-2015.