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GSN Seeks Own Identity With Rebranding

GSN launched a network rebrand Thursday, including a freshening of its Web site and new on-channel graphics.

Jennifer Minezaki, GSN spokeswoman, said the initiative grew out of the marketing and programming departments working together, seeking a way to “own our identity.”

“This rebrand shows our dedications to participatory gaming,” she said, as well as emphasizing the network’s message to “Play Every Day.”

Los Angeles-based Stun Creative and its motion graphics division, Buster Design, handled the on-air elements. The network worked with Boston-based Molecular for the online improvements.

Stun Creative’s presidents, Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth, said the design team crated two versions of the on-air elements. There’s a bright, 2D graphic daytime version and a more 3D, glossy nighttime version to the new elements. Buster Design created all the promotional graphic elements, including IDs, promos, bumpers, menus, lower thirds, etc.

“The on-air package revolves around nine moveable puzzle piece elements. The fun comes from how these simple shapes come to life and expand into a rich world of playfulness and fun that everyone can relate to...As we animated the graphics, we wanted the network viewer to feel like they are playing a game,” said Morganstein.

Minezaki said one of the network’s characteristics is “light and bright,” which is represented by the new design package. It is executed in a variety of colors, which gives the network flexibility with their placement, she added.