GSN’s Production Leader

Jamie Roberts, 38


After 15 years, Jamie Roberts knows television production.

The GSN senior vice president of programming got his start producing and directing music and kids programming in the United Kingdom for Sky Television, and in Italy for Orbit Television Network. By 1995, he had worked his way up to producing a live daily morning show, The Big Breakfast, for the U.K.’s Channel 4.

Later, Sky tapped him to help target a younger audience, opening the door to a 10-year run with the network and a slew of hit shows.

In 2006, Roberts left Sky to head production, development, acquisitions and program planning at the 60-million-household network GSN.

“There is no doubt that cable TV is the creative front line for our industry. Lively minds obsessing about fresh concepts, pushing boundaries of the current landscape and striving to make modern, relevant entertainment,” said Roberts. “At GSN we take this business seriously, and our new show, Without Prejudice? is sure to get people talking. I don’t want us to simply react to the popular agenda, I want to help set it.”