GSN Presents Betty White 'Match Game' Marathon On Saturday

GSN is matching its programming to Betty White's appearance on Saturday Night Live.

GSN will salute the 88-year-old actress and comedienne, with a "Best of Betty White" Match Game marathon on Saturday May 8 in front of her first-ever appearance as host of Saturday Night Live. The seven-hour, 14-episode Match Game stunt from 9 a.m. (ET) to 4 p.m. will spotlight the brilliant comedic timing that has earned White 18 Emmy nominations and six wins over the course of her career.

The marathon will feature a wealth of worthy White moments from episodes shot between 1974 and 1977, as she matches wits and clever ad libs with contestants, host Gene Rayburn and fellow celebrity panelists, including Richard Dawson, Eva Gabor and Brett Somers. White also answers bawdy questions involving her husband, Password host Allen Ludden.

Among the Marathon's episode highlights:

* White demonstrates exotic dancing.

·*She answers the question, "Every time I go streaking, Ludden makes me wear his [BLANK]."

·*The stars throw an ice cube that lands in her blouse-and all the men volunteer to retrieve it.

·* Dawson pretends to woo White when Rayburn "catches" them in a lovers' embrace.

·*Game question: "Betty White said, ‘My husband Allen is not quite as funny as a barrel of monkeys, but he's just as funny as a case of [BLANK]."