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Groups To Push Net Reset

Demand Progress, Public Knowledge, Boing Boing, Credo, Greenpeace and a veritable host of other groups have declared June 5, 2014 Reset The Net day, a day of "action" to commemorate the publication of the first story about NSA surveillance based on info from leaker Edward Snowden.

They will be advocating encrypting the Internet to prevent mass surveillance by the government, conceding they can't stop targeted attacks.

The group will try to get hundreds of sites to add security, then spread "NSA-resistant" privacy tools on June 5, in what they are calling the Reset the Net campaign.

They are already trying to get supporters to set up this Thunderclap crowd-sourcing platform that automatically sends a mass Tweet from users accounts at the same time; in this case, June 5.

Their message: "Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back. Today we #ResetTheNet to stop mass spying. Encrypt everything! Learn how:”

The White House has taken some steps to better oversee and limit NSA data collection, including outlining a "path" ending bulk collection and releasing a report last week on how to better protect "big data." But the report drew criticism from some quarters for being short on NSA limitations.