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Gregg Lauded by Chamber of Commerce for Work on IP Protection

Barack Obama's pick for Commerce secretary is getting good marks from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his stands on intellectual property protection.

In a blog posting, Chamber Executive VP Mark Esper said New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg has both experience and familiarity with IP issues, as well as "a keen appreciation of the role creative ownership rights play in incentivizing inventors, entrepreneurs and companies to innovate and create jobs."

For example, Gregg was a co-sponsor of the Pro-IP Act, which was signed into law last fall. The law creates a post in the White House to coordinate enforcement of IP laws by various government agencies, requires coordinating with Congress to develop a strategic play to combat IP theft; and boosts resources for IP enforcement.

In a world where digital copies can be made and distributed with the click of a mouse, content providers have pushed hard for more government help in protecting copyrights and policing pirates.

Esper also pointed to Gregg's support for money to combat piracy when he was an appropriations subcommittee chairman.