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Gracenote Tunes Data for Virtual MVPDs

Gracenote has introduced a new offering that’s tailored for a new class of virtual MVPDs and covers and integrates data for both live TV and VOD libraries.

The new TV metadata and electronic program guide offering is targeted to smart TVs and other streaming devices, including gaming consoles, that deliver live OTT TV services, and aims to make linear and VOD content more searchable and discoverable, the company said.

Gracenote, now part of Nielsen, said it’s adding that capability as a growing mix of streaming platforms extend access to vMVPD services along their own VOD catalogs and are challenged by integrating the live TV and on-demand worlds of video.

One such example includes sitcoms and dramas that offer new episodes on live TV through OTT TV services even as back episodes are made available on network TV apps and other OTT video service providers.

Gracenote said its new offering enables streaming services to show a unified search result.

“Our newest data solution, designed for cable and satellite operators who offer virtual services as well as standalone OTT providers, bridges the best of live linear programming with on-demand libraries to make content easier to find and watch across platforms,” Simon Adams, GM of video and sports at Gracenote, said in a statement. “By empowering all players in the market to deliver outstanding user experiences, Gracenote is helping them stay ahead of shifting viewing habits and position themselves for success.”

Gracenote hasn’t announced partners that will use the new platform, but is actively working to on-board customers.

Dish Network, the company behind Sling TV, recently migrated to TiVo’s metadata platform. DirecTV, which offers an OTT service called DirecTV Now, is among Gracenote’s listed customers.