Google Fiber Boots Up App for iPhone, iPod Touch

Google Fiber has launched apps for two new platforms – the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch – in tandem with general updates for its iOS and Android apps that tie into the pay-TV service it offers in pockets of Kansas City and is expected to introduce soon in Provo, Utah.

Among the new features, the Fiber app now lets users manage their DVR and find, organize, watch and mass-delete all of that content via the mobile devices, Erik Kalvianen, product manager for the Google Fiber Mobile app, explained in this blog post. The Google Fiber Storage Box, which is part of the company’s subscription TV service, can hold about 500 hours of high-definition content.

Google Fiber launched its iPad app in August, marking the first non-Android-based platform to get access to an app that turns tablets into a fancy remote control and video search platform.

The Fiber app does not yet support live TV streaming. However, Google Fiber entered the authenticated TV Everywhere game earlier this month with support for the Watch ESPN and Watch Disney apps.