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GMC TV To Launch Family-Friendly `G-Movies' Service

GMC TV will launch a new on-demand movie service featuring family-friendly and inspirational-themed programming, the network announced Monday.

G-Movies will launch with a library of 150 titles rated PG-13 or below like the bible-based animated series Pahappahooey Island; teen drama Much Ado About Middle School; and the Left Behind series of dramatic movies starring Kirk Cameron, said network officials. The service will most likely also feature GMC TV original movies and gospel play-based films.The actual launch date of the service was not available at press time.

"The ratings success of GMC's World Premiere Movies franchise has proven that there is a huge appetite for faith-driven films," said Charles Humbard, president and CEO of GMC TV in a statement. "With that in mind, we created G-Movies as an extension of the GMC brand. As we continue our commitment to expand production of our World Premiere Movies, G-Movies provides a win-win for our distributors and faith conscious consumers who enjoy this genre providing an opportunity for them to further enjoy quality, faith-friendly, family entertainment anywhere."

Dish Network will launch G-Movies to its subscribers via its Heartland Package and Blockbuster@Home instant streaming online and mobile service.

"DISH is leading the way with a growing lineup of networks and programs for households seeking value-based television," said Dave Shull, senior vice president of Programming at DISH in a statement. "G-Movies provides the best titles for families searching for entertainment that upholds their faith and values and offers uplifting programs every member of the household can enjoy."