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Genachowski to Join Aspen Institute

According to the the Aspen Institute, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski will join as a senior fellow when he leaves the commission.

That is expected to happen sometime in the next several weeks. His last public meeting will be April 18, according to sources.

"Genachowski's chairmanship focused on expanding broadband access, increasing spectrum for wireless mobile and other uses, and rationalizing regulations," said Aspen Institute executive director Charlie Firestone. "It was an important time in communications regulation, and his experience will help us immensely in finding the right issues at the cutting edge to address in our various roundtables."

The move is not a big surprise given that the four previous FCC chairmen have also spent time as senior fellows after leaving the commission, as the institute pointed out in their announcement.

Blair Levin, Genachowski's Broadband Plan czar, also joined the Institute, where he remains.