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Genachowskito Focus On Broadband In Senate Testimony

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will be discussing
broadband -- almost exclusively -- when he talks up the FCC's role in
maximizing the power of communications technology at a Senate Commerce
Committee FCC oversight hearing Wednesday, at least according to his opening

In fact, he uses the term
"broadband" 18 times, and "wireless" nine, while there are
no references to "broadcasting." He does refer to TV, but only to
make the point that the FCC has already freed up some broadcast spectrum for
unlicensed devices in the so called TV "white spaces."

There is also an oblique reference to broadcasting
when the chairman refers to unleashing "significant amounts of prime
spectrum through incentive auctions."

"At the FCC, our mission is to maximize
the power of communications technology to grow our economy; create jobs;
enhance U.S. competitiveness;
empower consumers; and unleash American innovation, including in areas like
education, health care, and public safety," he says, according to a copy
of his prepared text.

That is echoing the themes that have become
virtually a mantra for the chairman. "Consistent with this mission, over
the last three years, we have focused the agency on broadband communications --
wired and wireless," he says to put a point on it.

That focus, he points out, includes
"modernizing and reforming major programs like the Universal Service Fund
[which the FCC is migrating to broadband], freeing spectrum for both licensed
and unlicensed use, removing barriers to broadband buildout, and taking strong
and balanced steps to preserve Internet freedom."

"In conclusion, the wired and wireless
broadband sectors are critically important to our economy and global
competitiveness," he says.