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Genachowski Applauds New Broadcaster Auction Coalition

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski Tuesday gave an "open,
transparent and data-driven" shout-out to the new Expanding Opportunities for
Broadcasters Coalition, which is being organized by former broadcast exec and
one time Association for Independent Television Stations president Preston

"Incentive auctions will offer significant opportunities for
broadcasters -- both those that will take advantage of a once in a lifetime
financial opportunity, and those that will choose to continue to be a part of a
healthy and diverse broadcast marketplace," said the chairman in response to
the creation of the coalition. "I welcome the participation of the new
Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition in our rulemaking process as
the Commission engages all stakeholders in a manner that is open, transparent
and data-driven."

The FCC is working on final rules and a framework for its
reverse incentive auctions, part of the FCC's National Broadband Plan to free
up spectrum for wireless broadband. The FCC has targeted a mid-2013 vote
on final rules, and has held webinars and a workshop with broadcasters to help
answer their questions and solicit input on the process. Broadcasters will have
the option of selling some or all of their spectrum or remaining in the
business, though not necessarily on the same channel. The FCC will have to
repack broadcasters to make room for contiguous swaths of spectrum for national
wireless footprints.