GCI Boots Up Apple TV Promo

Giving a nod to ever-popular over-the-top options, Alaska-based service operator GCI has launched a promotion that will make it easier for some of its customers to get their hands on a new Apple TV device.

Depending on the option, some customers can get the device for free (via credits that accrue over multiple months), and others have the option to finance it from the provider.

All GCI customers can finance the Apple TV (32 GB version) for $5 for 24 months.

GCI is offering the giveaway option to customers on its “No Worries 100” (100 Mbps down by 5 Mbps up, with a monthly 300 GB data plan), or its “red” 1 Gbps Internet service. Those customers will receive a $5 credit each month for as long as they are on qualifying plan.  GCI launched its “No  Worries” plan in January 2015 -- customers who exceed their monthly data ceilings can either buy additional buckets of data for $10,  upgrade to a different plan, or shift to a “basic” level of service of less than 1 Mbps with no overages).

GCI customers can also device finance the Apple TV with 64 GB for $7.50 per month.

Apple launched its app-friendly, fourth-gen Apple TV platform last year. The 32 GB model regularly sells for $149 while the 64GB option fetches $199.

GCI is also making similar offers to customers on its “Epic Life” packages that are available to all customers on the company’s No Worries plans.  Epic Life is GCI’s loyalty program that offers monthly discounts to customers who take three or four  services from the provider.