Game Show Network Adds, Renews Series

Game Show Network, heading into the 2019 upfronts, said it has renewed freshman series Common Knowledge (hosted by Joey Fatone) and Caroline Rhea-starrer Caroline & Friends and greenlit two new strip series, Best Ever Trivia Show and a Catch 21 reboot.

'America Says' host John Michael Higgins

'America Says' host John Michael Higgins

Other returning shows include survey-matching game show America Says, hosted by John Michael Higgins (pictured), for a third season, and short-form sweepstake program Game Show Network Daily Draw, hosted by Trish Suhr.

Common Knowledge, which tests contestants on facts that should be commonly known, launched in January 2019 to become the network's top show in terms of total viewers. America Says, meanwhile, is the network's top show among the core demographic of women ages 25-54.

“Game Show Network has more than tripled its original programming output over the last few seasons, and we are introducing an even larger slate of originals in 2019,” Fran Shea, executive VP, programming and marketing at the channel, said in a release. “We have dedicated viewers who see us as their leave-on channel for family-friendly escapist fun and games, and we are committed to entertaining them with a consistent viewer experience.”

“In a crowded space, our story is unique. We are experiencing growth in metrics that seem unlikely given today’s landscape,” network ad-sales executive VP John Zaccario added in the release. “This coupled with an audience composed of prolific consumers, makes Game Show Network an attractive option for advertisers.”

In the Best Ever Trivia Show, three contestants face off against three trivia experts. The winning player then goes head-to-head against the expert with the highest score in the final round – the ultimate trivia challenge. The expert is asked six multiple choice questions and if the player gets one or more correct answers than the Expert, the player wins $10,000 and take his or her spot in trivia history. Produced by Game Show Enterprises for Game Show Network. Brennan Huntington serves as executive producer.

Catch 21, also from Game Show Enterprises, is a fast-action series blending pop trivia with the tension-filled excitement of the classic card game, 21. Dealing out larger-than-life playing cards, the host quizzes contestants with general-knowledge questions as they attempt to build the closest hand to 21. Part knowledge, part nerve, and part strategy, every correct answer is a chance to add a card and build a better hand or pass the card and “bust” the competition. In addition, every correct answer gives a player control of the deck and the option of “freezing” their hand to protect themselves from being “busted” later in the round. Putting a familiar twist on a classic game, players match wits and put victory on the line in every round with the turn of a card and the next correct answer. Produced by Game Show Enterprises for Game Show Network. Scott Sternberg and Merrill Heatter Productions, Inc. serve as executive producers.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and AT&T Entertainment Group jointly own Game Show Network.