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GAC Hits the Road with Chesney

Great American Country will take viewers behind the scenes of country-music star Kenny Chesney’s upcoming summer tour with an exclusive two-part special.

Culled from crews who shot more than 150 hours of video and 2,500 photos to document the planning process for the tour, which began in November, Kenny Chesney: The Making of the Flip Flop Summer Tour special illustrates the artist’s decisions involving everything from set design to animation and from ticket prices to T-shirts.

Chesney sold 1.3 million seats last year, and this year, he’s already sold out stadia in Boston, Detroit and Philadelphia and is nearing that level for large venues in Cleveland, Seattle and Pittsburgh.

Part one of the special, airing April 21 at 9 p.m. (EST), captures Chesney making creative decisions on stage design, lighting issues and merchandise, as well as documenting rehearsals with his band for upcoming numbers on the tour.

Airing one week later, the special’s second installment zeroes in on final ramp-up, joining Chesney, band, crew and production staff in Omaha, Neb., April 12 as they prepare for the tour’s opening night.

“Kenny Chesney is both an extraordinary artist and an entrepreneur who goes to great lengths to give his audience an exceptional concert experience. GAC viewers will get to see the process from start to finish as he oversees the creation of one of the most exciting shows of the year,” GAC senior vice president of programming Sarah Trahern said in a prepared statement.