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G4 Unleashes ‘Human Wrecking Balls’ On…Everything

Human Wrecking Balls, a new half-hour series featuring brothers Craig and Paul Pumphrey busting and demolishing everything from boats and cars to houses and bars, will premiere this fall on G4, network officials said Thursday.

“With their outrageous sense of humor and daredevil attitudes, the Pumphrey brothers are out to show the world that with the right approach and enough physical toughness almost anything is possible,” G4 officials said in a release announcing the show.

“Guys seem to have an innate fascination with watching demolition,” said Neal Tiles, president of G4, in a statement. “Add to this the science behind it and the idea of two brothers doing all the demolition physically, and we think Human Wrecking Balls is an excellent addition to our programming lineup.”

The Pumphreys are far from your average brothers with a combined weight of 550 pounds. Craig is a decorated police officer and world champion mixed martial artist. He recognized his gift of surviving hard crashes at a young age after falling 20-feet on to a steel construction bolt that shattered his skull only to bounce back days later. His brother, Paul, is a construction worker and has been twice crowned World Creative Breaking Champion, once after breaking through six feet of ice. 

The Pumphreys are strategic in their passion for dismantling things. For each challenge, they join forces with a team of experts in material science and engineering to review the object of their destruction from every possible angle before taking it apart, using physics and know-how to determine the most effective approach. The duo also enjoys a little friendly competition throughout the challenges such as who can break out of a jail cell the fastest and which Pumphrey makes a better bouncer based on who can most successfully destroy a bar. 

Additionally, each episode reveals the final outcome of the Pumphreys' ripping and smashing, as well as the various experiments they put to the test. Is a foreign or domestic car easier to dismantle? Did the "Three Little Pigs" get it right when it comes to the strength of building materials

Human Wrecking Balls was developed by BASE Productions with John Brenkus, Mickey Stern and Rob Dorfmann, who will serve as executive producers. Jason King is the producer and director for the series.