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G4 Ramps Up for ‘Xbox 360’ Launch

G4 is partnering with Microsoft Corp. to create live preview coverage of the launch of its new “Xbox 360” video-game player next week.

The three-hour show, Countdown to Xbox 360, will air Nov. 21 and will feature wall-to-wall Xbox 360 coverage leading up to the first sale of the player, according to G4 executives.

The show will originate live from four locations across the country and provide an in-depth look at the making of the Xbox 360, interviews with key industry experts and previews of new Xbox 360 games.

“G4 is ringing in the next generation of gaming with extensive live coverage that will take viewers out of their living rooms and into the excitement of launch events across the country,” G4 senior vice president of programming and production Peter M. Green said in a prepared statement.