G4 Gives Lets Viewers Vote for Shows

G4’s viewers will be able to vote for their favorite shows and essentially program a day at the network, officials said Monday.

“Election 07: G4 Viewers’ Choice” will let the audience choose from the best of G4’s programming and create its own program lineup for a day. The virtual polls open Nov. 6, with live voting beginning at 12 p.m. and continuing until 12 a.m.

From the time the voting begins, viewers will have six new shows to choose from every 30 minutes. Votes can be logged online at g4tv.com/vote. The audience will be kept apprised of voting results in real time via onscreen updates. 

As each 30-minute episode ends, a new winner will be announced and the voting process will begin again.

Voters will be able to choose from among G4’s best programming, including episodes of Attack of the Show, X-Play, Arrested Development, Cops, Code Monkeys, Ninja Warrior, Icons, and Cinematech.

In addition to interactive programming events such as “Election 07: G4 Viewers’ Choice,” G4 makes effective use of interactive and Web-enabled elements through its “2.0” format. “2.0” series include Star Trek 2.0, Star Trek: The Next Generation 2.0, Cops 2.0 and the recently announced Lost 2.0, which premieres next fall.