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FX to Nip/Tuck for Two More Seasons

Los Angeles -- Hit series Nip/Tuck will remain on FX for at least two more seasons as the network announced a two-year deal Tuesday with series creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy.

Nip/Tuck executive producers Greer Shephard and Michael M. Robin will also remain on board for seasons three and four, according to FX Network Entertainment president John Landgraf, who made the announcement at the Television Critics Association tour here.

Season three of the skein will bow in late summer or early fall.

The network is planning to launch another dramatic series later this year, choosing between projects Thief, starring Andre Braugher, and Iraq War-based Over There, produced by Stephen Bochco.

In other FX news, Landgraf said the network will debut later this year 30 Days, a series based loosely on independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's documentary, SuperSizeMe.

The network will also delve into the comedy genre in 2005 by launching two 30-minute skeins, although it has not determined which two of its four piloted series will make the cut.

"These are adult, character-driven, one-camera comedies with a tone unlike that on any other network," Landgraf said.

On the movie side, the network is developing such projects as: 100 Days of Darkness, a movie surrounding the Rwanda genocide; Oil Storm, in which man-made and natural disasters cut off oil supplies to the United States; and The Ten Commandments, a miniseries that places the Biblical passages within contemporary storylines, Landgraf said.

George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh will serve as executive producers for the miniseries.