Fusion To Host Global Political Activism Summit

Fusion announced a RiseUp gathering today, to be filled with global activists, artists, technologists and political leaders, as they discuss positive changes for global protesting.

The youth-led activism summit is set for Nov. 19 in Union Market, Washington DC, where the role of technology, music and art in movements across the U.S. will be highlighted.

“New information technologies and modes of thinking are redefining and enabling social activism. RiseUp will bring together people for the first time who have been involved in historic movements around the world, to give these youthful leaders an unprecedented opportunity to learn from each other and understand the potential and possibilities of these movements,” saidchair of RiseUp, Marcus Brauchli in a release.

The event hopes to connect youth ideas to action, with speakers including Senator Cory Booker, U.S. Ambassador of the United Nations, Samantha Power and many more.

The content partners involved with Fusion for RiseUp include Brigade, Ryot, Summit and Unicef. To learn more, click here. RiseUp will also be available for live-streaming on Fusion as well.

Speakers and Panelists Include:

Samantha Power--US Ambassador the United Nations

Cory Booker – Senator, New Jersey

Nadya Tolokonikova and Masha Alyokhina – Pussy Riot

Michael Tubbs – City Councilmember from documentary "True Son"

Wael Ghonim – Internet activist, Egypt

Ian Somerhalder – Actor and Activist

Walid Al-Saqaf – Cyber activist, Yemen

Caitria O'Neil – Founder, recovers.org

Gisela Perez de Acha – Activist, 132 movement, Mexico

Benjamin Knight – Founder, Loomio, New Zealand

Aliya Rahman – Program director, Code for Progress

Naomi Hirabayashi – Dosomething.org

Maria Ressa – CEO, Rappler

Gayle Karen Young – Wikimedia Foundation

Mike Kim – Human rights activist, North Korea

Dante Barry – Million Hoodies Movement

Eileen Guo – Impassion Media

Yon Goicoechea – Opposition activist, Venezuela

Liu Lin Wei – Taiwan

David Burstein – Author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World

Sascha Meinrath – Founder, X-lab

Marvin Ammori – Net neutrality activist

Chia-liang Kao – Founder, g0v.tw

Jo-Anne McArthur – Photographer, animal rights activist, "The Ghosts In Our Machine"

Liz Marshall – Director, "The Ghosts In Our Machine"

Karim Amer – Producer, "The Square"

Chernor Bah – Youth activist

Cansu Yapici – Taksim Solidairty, Turkey

Madison Stewart – a.k.a. Shark Girl

David Keyes – Founder, movements.orh

Marc Rotenberg – Executive director, EPIC

Emily Jacobi – Founder, Digital Democracy

Iris Andrews--Greenpeace

Bryn Mooser – Founder of RYOT

Sofia Campos – Board Chair, United We Dream

Jorge Ramos – Emmy award-winning journalist, Anchor of Fusion’s “America”

Tim Pool – Award-winning journalist, notorious for use of mobile technology in reporting

Alicia Menéndez – Host of Fusion's “Alicia Menendez Tonight”