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Fuse Honors New Season of Future Women

Fuse Future History
Fuse's Future Women's History Class of 2021 (Image credit: Fuse)

Fuse has launched a new season of its Future History franchise.

The month the network is celebrating makers of Future Women’s History who are having an impact on the world today that will be talked about in the future.

First member of the Fuse’s Class of 2021 is Chloe x Halle, an R&B group signed to Beyonce’s label who use their platform to lift fans and address issues of racial injustics and women’s empowerment.

The video featuring Chloe x Hall started running March 1. Future History is sponsored by Procter & Gamble.

The other members of the Future Women’s History Class of 2021 are:  

Journalist, author, and advocate Paola Ramos for advocating, reporting and celebrating the unique and disparate character within Latino culture.

First female general manager in Major League Baseball Kim Ng for inspiring a nation of young girls, and proving that nothing is off limits.

Ferguson activist turned freshmen Congresswoman Cori Bush for using her own life experiences to help her community fight for equal justice, healthcare, housing, education and more.