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Fuse Drops Pants-Off Dance-Off

In an effort to rebrand itself as the home for all things music, Fuse is lighting up two U.K.-produced original music series and undressing its staple program, Pants-Off Dance-Off.

Seven months into his tenure as Fuse's president, Eric Sherman is taking the Cablevision Systems-owned channel back to its musical roots by offering a mix of original and acquired music fare, such as the British music-related interview series Planet Rock, and by scrapping off-brand reality shows such as the iconic Pants-Off Dance-Off, in which people strip on-air to their favorite songs.

“With Fuse, music is in the DNA of everything we do,” he said. “Over the last year or so we might have strayed from that a little bit, but our focus moving forward is to strengthen our commitment to music going forward.”