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Further Delay In Voting Clyburn Nomination

At press time, the Senate Commerce Committee
had still not voted on the nomination of Mignon Clyburn to a full, six-year
term on the FCC. Also awaiting a vote is the nomination of Joshua Wright as the
new Republican commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission.

sailed through her confirmation hearing -- Wright got a little pushback on hiswritings about the limits of FTC authority -- though both are expected to be confirmed. The
committee had slated a vote on the nominations Dec. 18, but the death of
Senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) caused that to be postponed.

to a committee source, there was a second attempt late Wednesday to vote the
nominations in a break from Senate floor business, but they lacked a quorum, so
no vote.

vote is not expected tomorrow, said the source, with folks expected to be
paying their respects to the late chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee,
whose body is lying in state in the Rotunda, after which a service is planned.

current term expired June 30, 2012, but she could
continue serving through the next Congress ( the end of 2013) unless a
replacement were nominated and confirmed. She joined the FCC in 2009, filling
the unexpired term of Democrat Jonathan Adelstein, who exited to head the Rural
Utilities Service (RUS).