Fuel TV Dials Up The 808

Fuel TV hopes to ride many airwaves this week when it debuts its newest original surf series, The 808.

The seven-episode docu-series will debut on the 24/7 action-sports lifestyle network Friday, July 6 at 10 p.m.

The show will feature members of the Kauai surf posse, “The Wolfpak,” telling the story of how they are leaving their mark on the surfing world.

The 808 is a co-production between Redsquare TV and Fuel TV and was filmed from November 2006-February 2007. Todd Jacobsen, Sean Osborne and Brad Drew are producers for Redsquare TV, which has produced such shows as 10 Count and Project Detention for Fuel TV.

In other Fuel TV news, the network will debut its first annual “Swerve Festival” in Hollywood Sept. 28-30.

The festival will be a three-day celebration of the “West Coast creative culture,” which will include screenings of independent and feature films and music videos, as well as live music performances.

“For more than 30 years, the West Coast creative community has been heavily influenced by the skateboarding and surfing subcultures, which are deeply rooted in self expression,” senior vice president and assistant general manager C.J. Olivares said in a prepared statement. “Now we’re seeing those same subcultures influence the global scene. Fuel TV created the Swerve Festival to celebrate the contemporary innovators driving this movement and to inspire the next generation of creators.”

The festival will take place at Barnsdall Art Park.