Fuel Feeling Experimental

Fox Cable Networks Group’s extreme-sports channel wants to Fuel up to 10 aspiring action-sports filmmakers.

Fuel vice president of programming and marketing C.J. Olivares announced “The Fuel Experiment” Thursday.

Not only will up to 10 filmmakers have a crack at $100,000 apiece for their work, but the grand-prize winner may get a budget of up to $1 million, the network said.

“Recently, we’ve seen the emergence of a handful of gifted filmmakers who are not only skilled at capturing amazing action, but who are also developing excellent storytelling skills,” Olivares said in a prepared statement.

“With The Fuel Experiment, we have the opportunity to nurture, support and expand this culture through narrative filmmaking,” he added.

The submission deadline for The Fuel Experiment is Monday, Aug. 13.