fuboTV Launches ‘Advanced’ DVR

fuboTV, the sports-focused virtual MVPD, has rolled out premium-level “Advanced DVR” add-on that lets subs store up to 500 hours of programing in the cloud for an additional $9.99 per month.

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fuboTV offers a more basic form of its cloud DVR for all packages that lets users store up to 30 hours.

As part of the update, fuboTV customers with the more basic DVR service can keep content stored perpetually, so long as they remain an active subscriber. Previously, customers had ten DVR “slots” for recording that would expire after ten days. The Advanced DVR service also allows recording without a fixed expiration.

fuboTV currently supports cloud-based DVR on web browsers, app for iOS and Android, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices.

fuboTV has also introduced a pair of product updates.

Viewers can now pause and un-pause a live stream when the service is being viewed on supported desktop, mobile web platform and iOS devices.

fuboTV has also added a feature (initially on desktop and mobile web platforms) that lets viewers use their personal storage to jump/seek from a pause stream to live TV, and rewind back to where they started watching.