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FTC's Ramirez: No Net Management Defense for AT&T 'Throttling'

In a press conference with reporters Tuesday (Oct. 28), Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Edith Ramirez said that according to evidence it collected, AT&T's "throttling" of unlimited data plan users was not directly related to any network management issues.

"In our view," said Ramirez, "based on evidence," the AT&T plan limits "had no direct relation to any type of network congestion." An FTC official said that the "throttling" trigger was when use reached a threshold, after which it would be limited through the rest of the billing cycle, even if it was not a peak period or did not involve a congested cell site. By contrast, he said, a tiered customer could be using data at a peak period and not be throttled.

Ramirez said the FTC would prove that in court.

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