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FSN Southwest Launches Spanish-Language Show

FSN Southwest and Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros will team up on a rare Spanish-language magazine show that will air on the predominantly English-language service.

The 30-minute Contacto con los Astros -- scheduled to debut April 30 after the network’s Astros-Cincinnati Reds telecast -- will provide game summaries and analysis, player profiles, Astros community pieces, previews of upcoming games and special promotions. New episodes will run on Sundays immediately after FSN Southwest Astros telecasts.

FSN senior vice president and general manager Jon Heidtke said the series will provide information on the popular team for the area’s growing Hispanic population.

“The feedback we get from the team and others in the marketplace is that there’s a need for this type of programming, and we want to see if this program fits the bill for a growing segment of our audience,” he said. “We’re anxious to see how it is received.”

FSN Southwest will promote the show on-air, as well as through the Astros’ community-outreach programs targeting the Hispanic community. Heidtke said he’s not concerned about alienating English-language fans with the show, adding that each episode will be closed-captioned in English.

“We certainly want to be sensitive to our entire audience, but we look forward to the feedback we may or may not get back in that area,” he said.

Heidtke said that while the show is specifically targeted to Astros fans, the network’s other pro franchises could take a swing at the concept if Contacto proves successful. Along with the Astros, the network holds the TV rights to Texas Rangers MLB games; Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks National Basketball Association contests; and Dallas Stars National Hockey League games.

“If this works with the Astros, certainly, this would be something that we would look at broadening and expanding with our other franchises, as well,” he said.