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Free Press Says TV Stations Aren't Following the Money

Free Press released a content analysis of news coverage in
swing states on Monday that said TV stations there were not reporting on the groups
pouring political money into the station's ad budgets or fact-checking the

"In exchange for this massive influx of political cash,
broadcasters must do a better job of exposing the groups and individuals
funding political ads in their markets, and addressing the falsehoods presented
in many of these spots," said Free Press senior director of strategy
Timothy Karr in unveiling the analysis.

Free Press said that in one market, while there was no reporting
on 17 groups buying political time, there were some 53 stories on Justin

The National Association of Broadcasters had no comment on
the report, but did point to stories
on a number of stations across the country
that were fact-checking ads or following
the money trail.