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Free Press Plans FCC Meeting Rally

Free Press plans to hold a rally outside the FCC's last meeting of the year Thursday, Dec. 11, to once again urge the FCC to reclassify network neutrality under Title II.

The FCC is not voting on any network neutrality related items at the meeting, and it is not clear whether or not the chairman will circulate the hybrid Sec. 706/Title II proposals for additional comment.

In addition, signs are pointing to at least February for a vote on new rules, and maybe later.

But Free Press wants to press the issue.

“Wheeler claims he needs more time to mull over Net Neutrality, but he should have all the info he needs right now to safeguard the open Internet,” said Free Press field director Mary Alice Crim in a statement. “Americans can't afford any further delays. The overwhelming public support for Title II protections is all the agency needs to take immediate action."

The rally will feature selected readings from network neutrality public comments and some visual aids--signs, props--to "to remind Chairman Wheeler that the public is still watching and waiting for real Net Neutrality action."

Given the 4 million-plus comments and the President's call for Title II, the chairman probably does not need reminding.