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Free Press Floods FCC With Net Neutrality Petitions

Free Press is killing some trees to try and
"save" the Internet.

Free Press says that
volunteers will be hand-delivering 2 million petitions
the FCC, with volunteers making the trek every hour on the hour until sometime

Free Press wants the FCC to toughen up the
chairman's proposed compromise order expanding and codifying its network
openness rules. The order does not rely on reclassifying broadband access under
some common carrier regs (Title II), allows for specialized services, and
does not apply most of them to wireless broadband.

The FCC is planning to vote on the order Dec.
21, which is still subject to edits and emendations as the commissioners
vet the draft.

Free Press calls the chairmen's proposal a
"toothless" effort that "give[s] just about everything to giant
phone and cable companies, and leave[s] Internet users with almost nothing."

That two million are not all in response to the compromise FCC proposal, but represent the names on a number of different petitions on net neutrality cirucluated over the past couple of years, according to Free Press' Craig Aaron.

Copies of the different petitions are being attached to the appropriate list of names, approximately 50,000 per boxful, which are being delivered hourly to the commission through Tuesday.

To monitor the progress of the data drop, go to