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Franken Asks DOJ for More Help With Cyberstalking

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) is pushing for broader protections and more help from local law officials in his fight against so-called "stalking aps."  

That came in a letter to the Justice Department Monday. Franken is the author of a location privacy bill that would outlaw the aps, which can allow stalkers to monitor call logs or even record calls, as well as track the cell phone user's location via GPS.  

In an interview earlier this year with B&C/MultiChannel News, Franken talked about the issue. "This cyberstalking has being going on for a long time, but the last statistics DOJ has on these was, I believe, from 2006, and it was 25,000 cases," he said. "Think of what the explosion has been since then in the use of smartphones." 

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