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Fox News Sets Mental Health-Themed Virtual Town Hall Special

Fox News channel will tackle the issue of mental health in a new virtual town hall special Wednesday (April 29) hosted by network anchor Harris Faulkner.

Fox News's Harris Faulkner

Fox News's Harris Faulkner

The special, America Copes Together, will will feature remote panels comprised of psychiatrists and everyday Americans to highlight the psychological effects that the COVID-19 crisis has had on families, the healthcare community, front line workers and all those isolated and impacted during the pandemic, according to network officials. The one-hour special will also cover such topics as the psychological toll of isolation and stay at home orders, as well as living in close quarters with loved ones.

America Copes Together is Faulkner’s fourth in-depth town hall during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the network. 

Faulkner also hosts Fox News' daily afternoon shows Outnumbered and Outnumbered Overtime.