Fox Movie Channel, Crime & Investigation On The Rise: Viewer Poll

The Fox Movie Channel and the Crime & Investigation Network are the top-ranked emerging networks according to viewers who participated in a telephone poll by Beta Research Corp.

According to the research firm 65% of the 508 cable subscribers polled expressed interest in seeing the movie channel. Consumers expressed their interest on a scale of 1 (not interested in viewing) to 5 (very interested in viewing), after they were read a network-provided description of the channel.

CI came in second with 52% of the poll participants expressing interest in the channel. Filling out the list of top channels were Hallmark Movie Channel (51%), Lifetime Real Women (42%); Weatherscan (37%), ABC News NOW (36%), ESPNU (35%), Military History (35%) and MTV Hits (35%).

In another part of the poll, National Geographic Channel was the top ranked mid-sized network. That poll got responses from 504 adults, Of those, 62% highly ranked their interest in the channel.

Other networks on that list were the Science Channel (51%), Lifetime Movie Network (50%), Discovery Kids Channel (49%), History International (48%) Toon Disney (to become Disney XD in the fall), 47%; Investigation Discovery  and NFL Network (44%) and VH1 Classic, 42%.

The poll was taken in April and May.