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Fox ID’s Debate Participants

Fox has announced which 10 GOP presidential candidates have made the Aug. 6 debate, which will be invited to the pre-debate forum, and the five national polls whose average numbers determined those lineups.

The 10 main event participants are Donald Trump; Gov. Jeb Bush; Gov. Scott Walker; Gov. Mike Huckabee; neurosurgeon Ben Carson; Sen. Ted Cruz; Sen. Marco Rubio; Sen. Rand Paul; Gov. Chris Christie; and Gov. John Kasich.

Not making the cut, but who will be invited to appear at a forum the same day, were Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Rick Santorum  Gov. Bobby Jindal; former HP chief Carly Fiorina; Sen. Lindsey Graham; Gov. George Pataki; and Gov. Jim Gilmore.

The five polls were Bloomberg, CBS News, Fox News, Monmouth University and Quinnipiac University.