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Fox: Cablevision Is Inducing Copyright Violation

"It is alarming that Cablevision would put non-profits and governmental bodies at risk by encouraging them to violate the Copyright Act in order to gain a commercial advantage."

That was News Corp.'s response to Cablevision's suggestion that the Copyright Act allows government or nonprofit groups to stream Fox's World series coverage without any retrans permission or payment so long as they did not charge or gain a commercial advantage. Cablevision said it would be a public service and encouraged one or the other to step up.

"The obscure provision of the Copyright Act that Cablevision cites is for boosting over the air signals to rural areas for reception with an antenna -- nothing resembling internet streaming," Fox said.

Cablevision systems serving subs in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia have not been able to retransmit Fox programming, including the World Series, since Oct. 16, when its contract ran out without a deal.

"Further, the provision cited prohibits any transmission for "any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage," said Fox. "Clearly, this is the case and we remind Cablevision that inducing others to violate the Copyright Act is in itself a violation of the law."