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Fox Awaiting Judge's Stay Decision

At press time early Feb. 25, Aereo was still on the air in Denver according to a viewer/streamer there, despite a Utah court injunction.

That was not recalcitrance on Aereo's part, but because the judge had not yet ruled on Aereo's request for stay, filed almost immediately after the court ruled last week to block the service pending a decision in the Supreme Court.

While the decision was handed down Feb. 19, Aereo could have remained on in Denver and Salt Lake City (it is only up and running in two markets under the court's jurisdiction) with or without a pending stay decision until Fox, which sought the injunction, had posted a $150,000 bond, which the company said it did by Monday.

A Fox spokesperson said they were expecting the judge to rule on the stay and the injunction to finally become effective sometime Feb. 25.