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Former Reality TV ‘Stars’ Fight For Their Own Series

Apparently, the agents for Omarosa and Joey Fatone were asleep at the switch. Or maybe they just weren’t invited.

Fox Reality Channel Friday unveiled its latest take on the celebreality genre. Gimme My Reality Show! pits seven former reality show “stars” in what will likely be a battle of attrition to determine who will win their own reality show on the network.

The cast includes the likes of O.J. Simpson’s one-time houseguest Kato Kaitlin, The Surreal Life’s Traci Bingham (pictured), Project Runway alum Santino Rice and former American Idol contestant Ryan Starr.

George Gray (Junkyard Wars, Weakest Link) will serve as host.

“We chose unique personalities from a wide variety of popular reality shows who will surely deliver entertaining television,” Bob Boden, Fox Reality Channel’s senior vice president of programming, production and development, said in a statement.

The four-episode, one-hour series premieres Saturday, October 11 at 12 a.m. ET. following the 2008 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards.

Both programs are produced for FRC by Natural 9 Entertainment.